Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Mornings When You Just Can’t

Sep 15, 2015

Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Mornings When You Just Can’t

We all have those mornings when we triple-check the time, get a dreaded, sinking feeling, and realize that yes, we’re going to be late. In a perfect world, Snuggies and slippers would be socially acceptable outside of the house, but most of the time, a haphazard ponytail, lopsided messy bun, and legitimate bedhead just aren’t going to fly. Keep these quick and easy hairstyles in mind the next time you pull an all-nighter, sleep through your snooze, or just underestimate how long it’ll take you to settle on an outfit—they’ll leave you looking put together and maybe even let you carve out a few extra minutes for breakfast.

When Your All-Night Study Sesh Backfires

What good is all that late-night cramming if you never make it to class? For days when you need to carve out enough time to make it to the campus coffee shop and snag a seat in class before the tests get handed out, try vlogger That’sHeart’s three heatless hairstyles. Not only do they work on medium and short hair, they’re also stylish enough (shout out to the “hun”) that you’ll want to keep them in for the rest of the day (or until you crash).

When You’re in Danger of Missing That Big Meeting

There are times when throwing throwing your hair into a messy bun won’t to cut it. If you need to get out the door looking professional and put-together—while still leaving time to apply your makeup and lint-roll your black blazer—try one of LuxyHair vlogger Mimi’s easy go-to styles. With the help of a hair donut, teasing brush, and some hairspray, you can create two and a half different updos that will get HR’s stamp of approval.

When You Literally Only Have One Minute to Spare

If you aren’t comfortable rocking real-life bedhead in public, but need to be on your way in the span of a commercial break, bookmark Bebexo’s one-minute hairstyles. Her half-up knot, twisted side pony, and partially pulled back looks are polished enough to trick everyone into thinking you’re a bona fide morning person.

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