How to Apply Eye Shadow

Dec 07, 2015

Have a palette full of eye shadow but no idea where to start? This simple tutorial breaks down a classic look by covering the four crucial areas of your eye: the lid, crease, outer corners and inner corners. Once you get the hang of which brushes to use, where to place different shadows, and how to blend them in, you can use the same technique to mix and match endless combos of colors to customize your look.

Step 1: Prep your eyelids with an eye shadow primer.
Step 2: Use a flat shadow brush to pat a neutral shade onto your lid.
Step 3: Use a tapered brush to apply a medium, matte shade to your crease.
Step 4: Apply a darker shade to your outer corners in a "v" shape with the flat shadow brush.
Step 5: Use a precise pencil brush to dot a shimmery shade on the inner corner to brighten.
Step 6: Use a q-tip to clean up any shadow fallout.

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