Get the Look: Halo Eyes

Sep 03, 2015

Get the Look: Halo Eyes

We’re always looking for new ways to make our eyes look bigger and brighter and halo eyes, the latest makeup trend to make the rounds on both the runways and Reddit, may be our favorite yet. It’s the perfect balance of shimmery and smoky and can be recreated in any color of shadow for a romantic, glowy effect. The look refers to sandwiching a light shade at the center of your eye with a darker shadow on either side (think contouring and strobing for your eyes)—and the end result is just as angelic as the Beyonce song. Here’s how to spotlight your eyes with two shimmery shades:

How To: Halo Eyes

Step 1: Prep and Prime

Since this look is all about showcasing eyeshadow, prep your lids with a multitasking eye primer, like Benefit’s Stay Don't Stray Primer, which will create a smooth surface, even out any discoloration, and keep your shadow in place.

Step 2: Highlight

Next, sweep a champagne shadow with some shimmer like Japonesque Velvet Touch Shadow in Shade #2 all over your entire lid, stopping beneath your brow bone.

Step 3: Sandwich Your Shadow

To create the sandwich effect, pat a dark brown or deep plum shade (Sleek from theBalm’s NUDE ‘tude palette is a good pick), on the outer and inner third of your eye, leaving a section of champagne shadow untouched at the very center of your eyelid. Then use a blending brush to gently soften the dark shadow.

Step 4: Spotlight

Pat a few more layers of your champagne shadow at the center of your lid and at the inner corners of your eyes to emphasize the spotlight effect.

Step 5: Line and Lighten

Next, line your lower waterline from tear duct to outer corner with an even lighter champagne shadow stick or a highlighter pencil, like Chella's Highlighter Pencil.

Step 6: Contour and Coat

Using an angled shadow brush, apply your darker shadow to the outer corner and inner third of your eye, repeating the sandwich technique you used on your eyelids. To finish the look, load your top and bottom lashes with a super dark mascara like Benefit’s They're Real mascara.

Need a visual step-by-step? Watch Birchbox BFF Deepica demonstrate how to get this look below!:

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