Clown Contouring Is No Joke

Jul 15, 2015

Clown Contouring Is No Joke

We’ve all seen those contour diagrams that make the faces in them look like abstract art, but now women are getting even more creative before blending in their foundation. YouTuber BellaDeLune recently posted a video demonstrating what she calls “clown contouring,” a technique that involves using contour makeup and color correctors to create designs that look like clown face paint—before blending it all in for a flawlessly sculpted result. It started as a joke (“Idk how many times I’ve been called a clown,” the vlogger writes on her Instagram), but now #clowncontouring is trending, with women around the world posting their own artistic before-and-after selfies. We've spotted some pretty crazy examples, from cat faces to sugar skulls.

It’s pretty obvious that clown contouring is more of a fun on-camera experiment than an everyday look, but it’s impressive to watch nonetheless. For a sculpted canvas that works in real life, we love this easy, all-natural contouring tutorial that only requires three products—and that’s nothin' to laugh at.

Wendy R. Recovering gel manicure addict, amateur Spotify DJ, expert roller skater.